The Many Benefits of Installing Door Finger Guards

There are three elements associated with children getting their fingers trapped and injured in a doorway opening. First, there is the actual pain and shock associated with injury to one or more fingers – with the worst case scenario being actual finger amputation.  Second, there is the timely medical attention needed to ensure the best care for the child. Third is the legal liability of who pays for the medical services and other damages.

Unfortunately, such finger injury accidents are fairly commonplace, especially where children are concerned. The actual statistics will vary by location and by year, but the annual numbers are in the many thousands. The National Safety Council indicates that there are more 300,000 door injury incidents that occur in the U.S. every year. Children aged four and under are most likely to have door injuries that result in amputation. Most of the serious door injury incidents take place on the hinge-side.

child finger protection strips

Parents and facility owners can avoid very costly finger pinch injuries before they happen by installing PinchShield child finger protection strips for door hinges on all doors where kids could get their fingers trapped.

And, it’s not always the babies or the toddlers who get injured.  Older children aged between 10 and 13 years routinely undergo treatment if their fingers get trapped in doors. Statistically, boys are more likely to get their fingers trapped than girls.

Adults, especially those with memory loss or Alzheimer’s or other disabilities, can also suffer finger door entrapment injuries as they may not be able to react quickly enough to move their hands and fingers out of the way of a slamming door. In some cases, they may not feel pain as acutely as they used to and may not initially realize they have been injured, which only adds to the problem.

Hence, all child care facilities, day cares, playzones, schools, restaurants, hospitals, theaters and any other businesses (just to name a few) that have children as visitors, are advised to take precautionary measures to protect the kids and to minimize the risk of any associated legal action by Installing PinchShield door finger guards. The same applies to all homes and apartments with younger children as well as retirement homes and senior centers

While parents should be most concerned to ensure that kids living  and playing areas are safe, the responsibility for door finger protection also falls on the owners or managers of child care facilities, apartment buildings, restaurants, medical facilities, schools and sports facilities. Let’s not forget the important role of government inspection and licensing agencies.

The other important players are the insurance companies who have to issues issue the costly claim checks to the injured parties. PinchShield has become aware that more and more insurance companies are now requiring child activity related commercial customers to install door finder guards in order to continue their insurance coverage.

PinchShield is also working toward the day when all child care licensing organizations will make it mandatory to have door finger guards installed  in all child care facilities in all the USA states and Canadian provinces.


Fortunately, there are very effective measures that can be taken to dramatically reduce these door finger entrapment risks. By installing PinchShield child finger protection strips for door hinges, child finger entrapment can be avoided.

There are two categories of PinchShield door finger guards. The BASIC, version is primarily for the home or low traffic area. It is transparent in color and comes in 2 lengths. The PRO version is highly recommended for all commercial and high traffic areas. The strips are available in 3 lengths and 3 solid colors , white, dark grey and brown. The PRO has been tested for over 250,000 openings and closings – you know these will last for a long time


The PinschShield door finger guards are designed for quick and easy DIY  installation in existing or new construction. No special skill, tools or experience needed. Watch the video and follow the instructions.

Visit the PinchShield website to see more about the child finger protection strips for door hinges.

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