How Finger Pinch Accidents Happen and How to Avoid Them

Every day there are children who accidentally get their fingers trapped between the hinge side of the door and the door frame. These accidents can occur at home, at the child care center, at the restaurant, at the YMCA – in other words, anywhere that kids go in and out of rooms. The pinch incident may just be a bruise or a broken fingernail, but it can also be very serious involving several fingers or the whole hand. In a worst case scenario, it can require amputation.

door finger guard strips

Such incidents are traumatic for everyone including: the child, the parent and the facility owners or managers. Finger pinch incidents virtually always involve some type of emergency medical treatment and often involve liability insurance claims.

By installing PinchShield’s door finger guard strips to protect kids fingers, many of these issues can be avoided. Kids will not be hurt, parents will not worry, facility management will avoid legal disputes and insurance companies will not have to pay liability claims.

PinchShield door finger guards are available in two versions. The BASIC is most suitable for the home or light commercial application where there are just a few children. It is transparent in color, is available in two lengths but for doors which only open to 110 degrees. The PRO version is more heavy-duty, and designed for high traffic areas such as busy child care centers, fast food restaurants, community centers and similar play and activity faculties for children. A recent new market for the PRO include living facilities for senior citizens. The PRO is for a variety of doors types that open up to 170 degrees and is available in three lengths and three different colors including white, brown and dark grey . The PRO has been tested for over 250,000 openings and closings which means they will last for many years.

Why Do Finger Accidents Happen?

Most of the door pinch accidents occur with younger children under the age of 5 or 6. Generally, they are not aware of the potential dangers and do not realize the hazards of leaving their little fingers in hinge area of the door. Sometimes it’s another child trying to close the door, sometimes it’s  the automatic door closer, sometimes it’s just the wind or draft that can quickly shut the door before the child realizes what has happened.

How To Avoid It?

Simply making a child aware of the dangers and giving them warnings is not nearly enough. The only 100% sure way of avoiding finger pinch accidents is by installing PinchShield door finger guards on “both” hinge sides of the door.

Simple Installation.

After deciding the best type, size and color for your particular needs, the installation is very straightforward. Each set comes with detailed step by step instructions. No special skill, tools or experience needed. The BASIC attaches with a super strong adhesive tape. The PRO also has tape, however, we also recommend reinforcement with screws (included) Depending on the installers experience, installation can take as little as 10 minutes.

Pinch Shield door finger guard strips can be used to protect kids fingers in homes, child care facilities, play centers, restaurants, schools, or other types public buildings frequented by children. This very affordable and high quality investment not only ensures the childrens’s safety but also prevent trips to the local clinic or emergency room or unwanted liability claims . Avoid needless injuries, medical expenses, and potential liability claims by installing PinchShield door finger guards.

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