Prevent Door Pinch Accidents Before They Happen

Every day, there are a number of children in preschool and child care centers who accidentally get their fingers caught in the hinge side of the door. The incident may just result in a nasty bruise on the finger or hand or a broken fingernail; however, the most severe injuries could end in amputation. Fingers pinched in doorways is one of the top causes of accidents for children under the age of five in preschools and child care centers. The potential liability cost of medical expenses associated with each finger pinch incident can be in the thousands of dollars.

door finger pinch protection

This is why it is so vital that such facilities take the necessary steps to prevent finger injuries incidents before they can happen. PinchShield’s door finger pinch protection for preschool and child care is the best way to ensure that children will not be able to insert their fingers or hands in the opening on the hinge side of the door.

In addition to preventing the injuries in the first place, Pinchshield’s finger guards will relieve parents of the stress that is caused by their children getting hurt. The very affordable investment by the facility in door finger guards will reduce the likelihood of paying out costly medical expenses and of the parents taking legal action by filing costly liability claims against the facility. Lastly, the insurance companies are encouraging pre-schools and child care facilities to install door finger guards so that they can limit the amount of money they have to pay out in liability claims.

The concept of Pinch Shield door finger pinch protection kits is simple – the protective, flexible strips cover both sides of the gap between the door and door frame. When properly attached, the guards prevent kids from inserting their fingers on either side of the door gap thereby reducing the chances of getting injured. The normally open and closing operation of doors is not affected by Pinch Shield finger guards.

PinchShield door finger guards are available in two versions:

  • BASIC GUARDS – The clear BASIC guards are designed for homes, apartments or facilities with very limited traffic by children. The BASIC strips are semi transparent and suitable for doors of any color and are available in two lengths: 47.2″ (120cm) or 70.9″(180cm). They can only be attached to doors that open up to 110 degrees. It is an excellent value for your money and virtually maintenance free. The durable BASIC guards have been tested for over 100,000 openings and closings which mean they will last for many years.
  • PROFESSIONAL GUARDS – The PRO version is more heavy-duty, and designed for high traffic areas such as busy child care centers, and other play and activity facilities for children. The PRO is available in three solid colors: White or Brown or Dark Grey. The PRO is designed to fit a variety of doors types that open up to 170 degrees. The PRO is available in three lengths: 70.9″(180cm), 76.8″(195 cm), and 90.2″(229 cm). The PRO has been tested for over 250,000 openings and closings which mean they will last for many years. They can be temporarily removed for maintenance.

Each PinchShield door finger guard kit comes with detailed step by step instructions. No special skill, tools or experience are needed. The BASIC attaches with a super strong adhesive tape. The PRO also uses extra tough tape, however, we also recommend reinforcement with screws (included).

An investment in PinchShield’s door finger pinch protection for preschool and child cares is a very wise and affordable decision to avoid needless injuries, medical expenses, and potential liability claims.

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